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  • Ariel Mendez

Top Recommended Best Writing Blogs To Follow

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

We all need a little help sometimes. We all need community sometimes. Blogs are the perfect place for writers to find both! They are amazing places to find the resources needed to improve your writing and the community you need to learn from and support your writing career.

In my own writing practice, I have found several writing blogs or author blogs that I keep returning to time and time again. Amongst my critique groups and writer friends, we are frequently passing blogs, articles and resources back and forth. Blogs offer writing tips and insights that have proven to be invaluable to me and even save me time, especially in the editing process.

Though, not all blogs are made the same. So do some exploring to find one that helps you most!

Here are my top recommended writing blogs, plus a few honorable mentions at the end as a little lagniappe!

Bookends is a literary agency owned by Jessica Faust. They have a very robust blog! I have also absolutely loved their YouTube channel hosted by Jessica Faust and James McGowan - such a gem! Their experience as literary agents is completely invaluable for authors looking to get traditionally published. They give so many insights on how to get a literary agent, how agents pitch their books to publishers, what publishers are looking for in manuscripts and their relationships with authors, and more!

Mixtus Media is for all things book marketing. How invaluable is that for authors?! So many blogs and articles are focused on the craft of writing, but fewer help authors with the business side of writing. This is a great resource for authors who want to understand how to build a personal brand or platform, how to market their book or plan a book launch, how to manage social media, and more.

In addition, Mixtus Media is very active on Instagram. They truly practice what they preach when it comes to social media marketing! And they have a wonderful podcast to follow. Is YouTube their next frontier for them?

Reedsy is a really great blog for the craft of writing. How to improve your overall writing and writer habits. I frequently visit Reedsy for questions with my writing, at any stage. It’s the most robust blog on here because it is more of like a hub for bloggers, as opposed to one person or one team writing blog posts. This means you are getting insights from writers of all publishing experiences and backgrounds. I have come to Reedsy for writing tips and also updates on self-publishing standards, best practices, for publishing advice, for social media advice, etc. Recommend to ALL writer friends!

Tim Grahl is the mastermind behind He has an eponymously named podcast as well, the Book Launch Show podcast, that I have been listening to for years. The podcast is more of a library of resource topics rather than an ongoing conversation like the Mixtus Media podcast. Even so, every topic is quite timeless and relevant no matter what year it is. He has a robust email list and frequently offers free book marketing workshops. If you are looking specifically for book launch tips, this is the place to go!

The Write Life is a resource I keep coming back to again and again. There is so much more to being an author than just writing. There are articles about blogging, freelancing, self-publishing, writing techniques, and more. All the articles are very thorough!

Do you have any writer blogs that didn’t make the list? I love blogs that intersect the business of writing and building an author platform with the craft of writing and improving your books. I do hope these are helpful and get you going on your publishing path. If you want more articles and resources like these, join my email list to receive my free Self-Publishing From Start To Finish Guide.


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