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I believe self-publishing is the most effective way to increase diversity in the publishing industry.

Is that too hard to believe? 

If you want to know more then visit my blog, follow me on social media, subscribe to my email list, or join one of my classes! 

I am very passionate about self-publishing and diversity in children's publishing. I want to share this with you because I believe your story has purpose. Get started by self-publishing!

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My self-publishing journey began in 2018. I had written a children's book manuscript I was passionate about but after years of revisions and querying agents, I was left frustrated by the traditional publishing process. 

My eyes were opened to self-publishing after joining a local KidLit group and meeting other traditionally published authors. To make a long story short, I self-published my first picture book in 2018 and never looked back!

Since then I have illustrated more independently published children's books and continue to write my own manuscripts. I teach courses on self-publishing, funding, marketing, and more. I speak at conferences, schools, and events.

While this is just the beginning of my lucrative literary career (*wink wink*), I love to encourage other writers to start where they are at. In my opinion, self-publishing is one of the best ways to get started!

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My first self-published children's book, Fear and a Friend.

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